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Glenn and Maggie - 4x01, 30 Days Without An Accident

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Maggie Greene 4x13 “Alone”

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Maggie & Glenn moment from episode 2x06 - Secrets "I can’t take you becoming one of them…" Seeing old memories of them really stirs up the emotion, doesn’t it?

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the walking dead meme: six relationships [2/6]

if you’re worried about me and beth, don’t. don’t worry about us. we’ll take care of each other.
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You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.
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You don’t need a picture of me, you never will again.

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Dad? You don’t have to fight anymore. If you’re worried about me and Beth, don’t. Don’t worry about us. We’ll take care of each other, we’ll look out, me, Beth and Glenn we’ll look out. Go ahead, dad, it’s okay. Be peaceful. You don’t have to fight! If it’s time to go, it’s okay. I just want to thank you. For everything, thank you.

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