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Who’s Maggie? 

S h e ’ s  m y  w i f e .

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I don’t want to be afraid of being alive.

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twd meme | [5/10] characters:

maggie greene

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"I know it looks bad. We’ve all been through hell and worse, but at least we found each other. I wasn’t sure, I- I really wasn’t. But we did. We’re together. We keep it that way.”

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twd ladies meme

↳ female relationship you want to see more of in the future

i thought that i couldn’t ask you to risk your life, but i can, cause i know what you’d be risking it for… and it isn’t just glenn. i get that you’re afraid-

i am. i am afraid.

-but we can get there.

i know… so let’s go get bob. and let’s get there.

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